Eurail and Train Travel in Germany

Germany is a great country to travel by train! You can really get to just about any small town or big city because they're all connected via Germany's rail system, known as the Bahn.

Germany also has some of the fastest trains in Europe. The Intercity Express (or ICE) trains can travel at over 200km/h and you can get from Frankfurt am Main to Munich in about 3 hours.

A lot of people compliment Germany on the fact that their trains are so efficient, and always on time. Well, they are a little more reliable than some other European countries, but I had my fair share of waiting for delayed trains and have even missed train connections because of it.

Overall though, taking the train through Germany is a great experience. The entire country is accessible to you with a Eurail pass, and you can just hop on and off the trains with ease. There's always a pub nearby the train stations and you're bound to meet fellow travellers along the way.

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