Eurail and Train Travel in Italy

Italy is another beautiful European country - there are numerous small towns and villages, but also big cities like Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan. Taking the train through Italy can be quite an experience.

Italy is a very mountainous country, and spectacular scenery abounds. You're bound to meet many other treavellers on the train, but beware of the pick pockets. Italian trains are notorious for pick pockets, as are most Italian cities, train stations, and pretty much everywhere. There is a lot of petty crime, but it's very rare for any violent crimes to happen. Just keep an eye on your bags, and be wary of strangers that are a little too friendly.

Italian trains can also be painfully crowded and slow. Be sure to make a reservation if possible, and hold onto your seat or you could wind up sitting on the floor or standing for a long time. It's essential to make reservations when travelling to the popular tourist destinations.

Overall Italy offers a wealth of culture and history, and any trip to Italy will be nothing short of an adventure.

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