Eurail and Train Travel in Monaco

Monaco is one of the smallest countries in Europe, and the world. Monaco has long been the playground of the wealthy, and once you visit you'll understand why - It's beautiful. You can use your Eurail pass to stop in Monte Carlo, Monaco and enjoy a day or two there - It's probably better to stay in Nice and just make day trips to Monaco.

Monaco is essentially part of France, and you'll not notice a big difference when you arrive. Most people visit Monaco to check out their world famous aquarium, the beaches, or the huge casino. The casino does have a dress code though, so come prepared!

The citizens of Monaco don't pay taxes, and their head of state is officially the royal family of Monaco. Monaco also has it's own distinct language, though you're not too likely to hear it. French is of course the dominant language.

Making a quick trip through Monaco is always memorable- If anything, just to say you've been there! Your Eurail pass is valid in Monaco of course, and a day or two in Monte Carlo is unforgettable.

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